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We believe in creating interactive web applications to create constantly changing digital environments that exceed beyond the expectations of our customers.

Website Application Development

We are a full-stack application development firm that provides straight forward and impressive solutions using the most advanced technology. Tell us about the specifications and requirements you have for your website application, and we'll help develop it. The website we're building for you will be a masterpiece for your industry. Let us make your website within your budget and time frame for your next web application development project. Codility Solutions has experts in developing and creating innovative web-based solutions that produce powerful outcomes for your business. Our online web interfaces are high-performance, fully-featured, as well as digitally advanced to provide user-friendly, interactive, and secure solutions to help you stand out from the crowd.

Web site Design and Development Services

Our primary goal to work in close collaboration with clients on a corporate level is to create top-quality, high-performance consumer websites built on the most advanced, technological web development. We've got everything you need for the completion of your project. We have the expertise and resources to ensure that your project is completed in accordance with your expectations. Codility Solutions team of professional full-stack developers comprises experienced UX programmers and software engineers who have deep experience in the latest technologies. We utilize technologies for front-end Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) which includes the framework Bootstrap, ReactJs, Angular, VueJS TypeScript, and backend development (PHP, RubyonRails, Python, NodeJS) and their frameworks, including Laravel, Flask, Django, Express. Js.

Responsive Web app development

All the web-based apps that we're creating are fully responsive. This means that they appear stunning and are fully usable and responsive on any device, including laptops or tablets. Our web templates are fully responsive and user-friendly. This is achieved by changing menus, buttons, and other graphics to adapt the user's experience based on the dimension of the display to ensure that users have the most enjoyable time on a highly responsive site for the lowest price on any device they're using.

Web Portal Development

We are a trusted web design and development company that offers an encrypted web portal that functions as an online private forum that you can use to provide your clients details and assistance. You may have heard of this as an external network that allows data to be exchanged privately with identified third-party partners or as an intranet that will enable data to be shared with company employees. Our Customer portals on the web are secure but straightforward to use. The portals we offer permit you to communicate, connect to, and exchange information like schedules, database files, and documents with your implicit or explicit clients. Additionally, you can use a portal to permit confidential documents like receipts, invoices, and more to be downloaded, accessed, and shared with your customers. Our web portals built with browsers work on any device from PCs to Mac and offer options that let you:

  • Data and file management, editing, and uploading.
  • Download and preview files.
  • Manage task assignments and schedule meetings and track record project delivery with the help of calendars.
  • Send automated and secure email alerts.
  • Setting up an advanced search information store.
  • Comprehensive management analysis, including all orders from a client for a given point in time, with a detailed cost analysis.
E-commerce web application development

We are one of the most reputable eCommerce web development firms. We create eCommerce-friendly websites which sell your goods and services. We'll design your online store and offer the possibility of various payment integrations and logistics processing tools and CMS for monitoring the transactions, and introducing new goods and services, in addition to providing growth services for e-commerce. We have experience in the creation of websites. We can help you expand your business in order to offer customers an exceptional shopping experience online for the generation of revenue. We advocate the use of payment gateways as well as CMS to monitor your transactions.

PWA (Progressive web applications)

To maximize the use of smartphones without the expense of developing native apps. Our PWA is designed and enhanced using modern APIs to offer better capabilities and be more responsive and offer user-friendly web-based applications. Progressive web apps provide the possibility of providing users with a web-based experience. It lets you configure everything on any device using the same codebase that utilizes contemporary Web design elements to improve functionality and configuration using an integrated backend system.

Content Management Development (CMS) based services

Are you looking for online presence that is more flexible, adaptable, and more responsive? We utilize a variety of content management systems, keeping your preferences within a precise outline, which includes custom CMS, WordPress development services, and limited insights development services to create content targeted at your prospective customers. When creating your website, we offer you various options to make it more responsive and impressive. This includes WordPress, Shopify, Magento2, and many more. For those who want more flexibility and faster outcomes through CMS applications, they are focused on a database that makes it the primary option of developing and maintaining an online presence that has a good content response.

Web application development and design process

We create and design web-based applications, from simple prototyping to the highly-performance backend. We provide web development solutions using an array of technologies.

Designing User Interfaces and UX

We develop web-based applications with great user interfaces thanks to our same UI/UX design and front-end development expertise. This is the key to determining whether users use the application or ignore it right after logging in. If you are launching an early prototype, it might not be essential to utilize additional tools for UI/UX. However, it is essential to launch the application and not be ignored to ensure its performance.

Front-end Development

Our team is a front-end developer professional who is currently working to connect our customers via web-based applications. Our front-end developers are experienced and are also keen on joining the expert community and studying the team's work. We typically work with front-end technology to create innovative targeted, human-centered mobile and web-based applications. Contact us to take advantage of the full-stack front-end expertise we offer.

Back-end Development

We create highly versatile and practical on-site and backup solutions that work for Mobile Web, cloud, and desktops depending on the specifications you have provided. Codility Solutions have a professionally competent team of developers who maintain the code that connects the website with a database. It also manages interactions with users and runs the web application entirely on its own. Codility Solutions' Back-end development team works with our front-end team to deliver the final product to our customers.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our team of experts will examine the final product before the launch date, since there isn't software that has been developed without error or bug. We have QA engineers who are skilled in testing and checking the software prior to it being implemented. Since the customers are the most important thing to us, we never compromise their time or budget.

Support and Maintenance

In the development of web-based apps, There is still the need to alter functions. The majority of our customers require assistance post-delivery. We are pleased with them and are working to provide better support after the launch to maintain the relationships with our customers.

Why choose us?

Want advanced web application development software, using modern parameters? Here are the reasons to start a conversation with us.

  • Consistent workflows and experts in QA.
  • 24/7 availability for auditability and modification in project.
  • Protection of confidential details.
  • Quick process of design development.
  • With-in the budget.
  • Professional web development team.
  • Continuous support and maintenance.
  • Accessibility for the teams to exchange information and expertise.
  • Using an Agile methodology for third-party integration.
  • Clear and comprehensive projections.
  • Weekly updates and customized reports.
  • Communications on a daily basis: calls, emails, chats, professional meetings.
  • User-friendly, Clean UI, Simple navigation, Interactive layout, UX Modified.

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