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Ecommerce Development Services

Codility has more than 15 years' experience working in the development of e-commerce We create online stores that assist in growing your business by focusing on user-friendly designs and architecture.

Creating reliable ecommerce solutions that turn clicks into purchases

We have years of experience as web-based commerce developers. We consider each step of the customer's experience, starting from when users arrive on the site, making an order, and increasing the number of visits that create new customers. We are appreciative to our dedicated team of developers and designers who create a user-friendly interface. They know that the site must be a breeze to use and super-fast, SEO-friendly, and completely secure and functional. In order to help your audience discover your site that is fast, practical, and SEO user-friendly and improve your online store to provide an unmatched customer experience, the Codility team offers an SEO-friendly ecommerce store that ensures your products and services are easily accessible and make it easier for customers to place a purchase. Our web developers for eCommerce are ready to help customers at any time, offering the following services:

Ecommerce website design and development

Ecommerce mobile application development

Extension development and inventory management

Ecommerce consulting

Payment system integration

Website design and development for Ecommerce:

Our experienced web developers can help you build an e-commerce site at the beginning and carefully consider the functionality and features needed to be designed effectively. We'll manage and set up the online store's front-end as well as the back-end.

Ecommerce mobile application development

We offer effective e-commerce mobile application development solutions utilizing the expert knowledge of our developers' team. Our team assists you in creating efficient conversion rates and driving traffic. We design and develop fast, efficient mobile applications that are user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive. Mobile apps that provide our customers an incentive to return to us repeatedly to use our customized services.

Ecommerce consulting

We have extensive experience of over 15 years of providing top E-commerce solutions. Our team can help you choose the right ecommerce platform through advising on strategy, planning, and an analysis of the implementation for your business and establishing your online shop.

Development of extensions and inventory management

Codility Solutions provides you with additional functionality for your online website by creating extensions for stores selling e-commerce using Magento Woo-commerce Shopify, Laravel, NodeJS, Core PHP, and Microsoft with advanced customization API development, plugin Development as well as Module Development.

Integration of payment systems

We've combined several payment gateways into different CMS frameworks. All you need to do is afford us with the specifics of the type of payment system you're looking to incorporate into your online store and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Ecommerce Website Development Services

We can help you solve every issue, no matter the type of assistance you require, whether eCommerce consulting or complex creation or bespoke eCommerce solutions like LMS or CMS. We are an eCommerce development company that offers an experienced team of developers, designers of products, and architects. Codility Solutions is a perfect location for you as we provide IT solutions and

Online Portal Development

We can help you create an end-to-end eCommerce and web portal platform for application development with sophisticated technology and specifications that will quickly get your business up and running.

Online Stores

As an eCommerce website development firm, we offer complete support to build your ready-to-sell shops that provide customers with an excellent buying and selling experience for your business.

Multi-vendor Portal

As an eCommerce web design firm, we assist you in how you wish your multi-vendor platform to function by keeping the various needs for functionality in your mind. Our skilled developer designs an online marketplace customized to let independent vendors buy and sell their goods on an easily-operated single storefront, with no bugs, and uses the latest technology to make your store fast and user-friendly to your customers.

B2B Ecommerce Platform

To bring together all the trading stakeholders' suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and their affiliated companies, we can develop a B2B-specific E-commerce platform that includes both back-end and front-end. We offer these services to aid businesses and help consumers purchase enterprise software.

B2C Ecommerce Platform

To assist companies in presenting and efficiently managing their merchandise to their customers, we offer various multi-currency marketplaces. We can provide services for eCommerce B2C site design and development with customization to suit the needs of our clients. With the eCommerce business-to-consumer platform, the company can deliver products directly to customers online or mobile devices, like Alibaba and eBay.To assist companies in presenting and effectively managing their products, they use diverse and multi-currency markets. We offer services for eCommerce B2C websites development that is customized to meet our clients' requirements. On the eCommerce business-to-consumer platform, a business delivers products directly to customers on the web or via any mobile device, anytime, like Alibaba and eBay.

Online Auction Platform

We can create an online auction site to organize different types of auctions and develop bids for auctioned items.

Web development for ecommerce - bespoke

We are the top eCommerce development service provider with expertise in creating custom eCommerce websites and mobile applications with multiple functions. Our eCommerce specialists assist our clients in directing more visitors to their websites by using our innovative, fast, and user-friendly tools to appeal to their intended audience and increase revenue.

Ecommerce development technology platforms

We develop and design various platforms to support eCommerce web development, including Shopify, Magento 2, Woo-commerce, and many more based on your company's requirements. We have experience in the development of all kinds of eCommerce web design platforms. We develop extensions and plugins to the platform you require based on your needs by analyzing the functionality level and providing suggestions for ERP and CRM integration systems.

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