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Project Based
Pricing Model

Effective and reliable solutions:

The clear specifications enable you to receive precisely what you require, and the deadlines you establish in advance make sure that the project is completed on time. The variety that Codility Solutions are proud of isn't just in our services but also our service plans.

The Business's Core Focus:

The model of pricing based on project is a particular service that assists our clients in negotiating better deals for the project prior to beginning. It is essential to remember making a model based on a project that serves your company's needs. You need to know precisely the specific task Codility Solutions has to do. Additionally, the precise time frame within which this job is to be completed demonstrates the accuracy of the plan, which aids in the settlement of an all-in lump sum.

Reduce time-to-time and increase efficiency

Highly trained and skilled to achieve the highest profit margin Our solutions enable you to accelerate the development of your product and allow it easier and quicker to get to the market. We make decisions about the development process based on the time frame and cost estimate that is generated by the project. We make a decision and establish the specifications, including budget and deadline for delivery. The project's roadmap is generally created and includes set dates and milestones that function as a payment plan.

Ideal Software Development Team:

Keep your company up-to-date using our most skilled managerial and technical talents and our mutual involvement. We value our clients and have provided a variety of options to choose from according to their preferences so that they can decide what best suits their requirements before utilizing our services in any plan. When the transaction is completed our team is committed in ensuring customer satisfaction. It will not affect its quality prior to publication.

  • The client asks about money a lot up-front.
  • Our process will save your time and cost.
  • Free trail for a limited time is available to facilitate our clients.
  • It's clear you can get the project done faster than the client's estimate.
  • It's clear you can get the project done faster than the client's estimate.

Choose your Technology Stack:

Sliders of technology will be displayed on site.

  • Quality assurance and security scans.
  • Development of customized solutions and meeting designed standards.
  • Quick, reliable, and qualified resources at your service.
  • Bug fixing and omitting minor programming language errors.
  • Select the best skilled team.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Real-time response.
  • Maximizes your ROI.

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