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Automate your cloud application development needs by using reliable and affordable cloud application development solutions using modernized solutions.

Cloud Consulting

Codility Solutions can do many things in developing cloud-based apps as we've got various production tools. We're here for enterprises and offer a range of services, like computation storage, networking, storage, and administration, like SQL and none SQL databases and Artificial Intelligence, ML, Big Data, and Internet-of-things. We assist you in preparing the cloud application that will meet your client's needs—analyzing the viability for the idea, estimated cost, and time. We design and host options to facilitate the seamless running and creation of software in line with the progress of your business.

CRM/ERP Cloud Application

We can offer custom cloud-based CRM systems for hub spot and Salesforce integration services. We can make custom integrations possible for a variety of cloud-based, cloud-based SaaS and ERP system software.

DevOps Cloud Service Providers

We partner with the most prominent and most reliable cloud vendors that we know of, moving their existing cloud systems onto Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, or developing innovative new applications.

Cloud Design and Development Services

We offer flexible and custom Cloud applications that permit producers and corporations to maximize the value from cloud-based resources (AI VR, IoT data science, and many more to optimize cloud resource utilization, with the help of IT and cloud experts who are on board with 15 years of experience. Codility Solutions will develop cloud software that is fully automated built on cloud applications that can be scalable, flexible, and reliable. Connect the app to other third-party frameworks. Help manage and address new market demands on a regular basis.

Front-end Development

We have a skilled front-end team of developers who are working on cloud-based apps to interact with customers. Our front-end developers are experienced, part of the community of experts, and can review our team's work. We focus on creating creative, person-centered, and targeted mobile and cloud apps that utilize front-end technology. Contact us today and experience our complete front-end experience.

Back-end Development

In order to support Cloud and Desktop, We develop flexible and efficient back-end applications that meet the specific requirements you've specified. Codility Solutions has a skilled team of programmers who maintain the code that connects the application to a database and manages user experiences. We also have the option of using the multi-cloud model or develop a cloud-based framework. We have a Backend production team that collaborates with our front-end team to provide an end-to-end product for our clients.

Designing User Interfaces and UX

We develop Cloud services that offer great user interfaces with our experience and expertise in UI/UX and design. This is how you reveal what users are using or not using the application after logging in. If the aim is to create a brand new look, it might not be required to employ additional UX/UI tools. However, to make sure that the final version and the output from the application should not be ignored. Cloud-based consulting includes the necessary design for the system of image processing for the resource, assists in the execution of the system, and provides on-demand maintenance.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our skilled team of application developers will test the final product before launch since there isn't a product produced with any glitch or error. Our QA engineers are qualified to scrutinize and analyze the device before it's installed. We do this because our customers are our top priority, so their needs and money won't be affected. Set guidelines to test and quality control for applications to be relocated. Analysis of savings and investment in relation to administration and support. Verified and approved LaaS PasS, SaaS criteria.

Support and Maintenance

It is also necessary to update the capabilities of cloud-based development. Post-delivery support is vital for the majority of our customers. We are delighted to meet you and will strive to offer customers more services immediately following the launch. We will also provide:

  • Installation and execution of migration procedures in case of cloud migration.
  • Set up extra business continuity and sequence utilities.
  • Optimize the whole management and process of migration.

Why choose us?

Codility Solutions as a cloud application development services providing agency promises to provide you with these services.

  • 24/7 availability in case of any error occurred and providing feedback on application quality and extra storage with keen software monitoring.
  • Quick, reliable, and qualified resources at your service.
  • Development of customized solutions meeting designed standards.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions.
  • Secure and swift migration.
  • Simple and flexible deployment.
  • Real-time Response.
  • Maximizes your ROI.
  • Secure and swift migration.
  • Simple and flexible deployment.
  • Real-time Response.
  • Maximizes your ROI.

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