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Get connected to our trusted and efficient eCommerce website development services from our Magento certified experts to maximize your return on investment. Do you want to complete Magento 2 website development services to help diversify your business? We're available to offer technical solutions through the help of our expertly trained and certified Magento 2 developers. We'll add new features as well as the most current releases of Magento 2 extensions. We are a specialized Magento 2 web development agency. We are familiar with the platform from top to bottom as a Magento 2 service provider with modern technological enhancements. Codility Solutions' team has developed a mastery of creating eCommerce stores using Magento Woocommerce and Shopify with advanced customization, Payment Gateway integration, API Integration, Module Development, and Custom Theme Development. We design and develop the Magento 2 platform from site relocation to custom design and recovery projects that lead up to global integration. We also create and oversee eCommerce solutions that are designed to support the expansion of your business.

Custom Magento 2 Website Development

Our highly skilled developers create Magento 2 online stores in an approach that can increase your company's competitiveness against your competition and increase the revenue and authority of your brand by removing all dangers. We'll create extensions that work with the most recent technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Apache and are compliant with payment processors. We will be operating hard to ensure that your site is easily visible in today's technology through our custom themes and development services.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Are you wondering what you can do to move between Magento 1 and Magento 2 to create the most innovative website using modern technology? We can help! Codility solutions are a leader in upgrading and migration (from Magento 1 to Magento 2) as we have provided an impressive number of clients with migration solutions. As a top Magento services provider, we'll create an eCommerce experience that is better than ever before with a set of custom-built attributes that are dynamically modified and enhanced website speed speeds. The only Magento 2 service providing agency that you can trust with no worries.

Magento 2 Extension and Integration

We integrate Magento with the other major and custom third-party platforms as well as being experts in Back-end Development. We'll let the devices communicate and provide a more pleasant user experience and a seamless operation. We include small components into the magento2 eCommerce website to enhance its performance and offer additional functionality-specific extensions, such as promotion extensions for SEO, product management pricing, shipping orders, and currency extension. We are among the leading technology networks across the globe. The eCommerce tools we offer include everything you require to give your customers the best experience, from the most secure and flexible payment options, enhanced search capabilities, and online consumer protection and customized items. Codility Solutions allows third-party services to interface with the Magento Web APIs. Through the Magento APIs, we provide an accounting and corporate resource plan and CRM, customer relationship management (CRM), and Products Information Management (PIM), in addition to the capability to automate business analysis. Our team of experienced Magento 2 developers has a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of Magento internal processes and PHP. We'll make sure that we follow (PIM) and Magento 2.0 Framework specifications before building modules. We also offer simple integration of your CRM system or ERP based on the requirements of your business.

  • Build a minimally organized and configurable module.
  • Add integration of specific files.
  • Setup module.
  • Check integration.
  • Integrate with application.
Why should you choose us to develop your Magento 2 website?

We provide Magento 2's most flexible CMS eCommerce. Our developers use Magento 2's new design to build customizations by expanding and developing modules. Magento 2 is an open-source technology and is as efficient as an enterprise could get. Our team of expert Magento 2 developers is working to make the technology better and better each day by offering incredibly efficient functions and a broad range of features needed to run a successful online store. We'll ensure that using one of our Magento 2 eCommerce module creation services is the best choice that you make for handling the huge amount of data. We will ensure that it is worth the time and money that you spend on our services. Our knowledgeable staff composed of Magento 2 experts will build this module to perfection so that it's secure and reliable, without additional settings. It is not necessary to think about the information and payment records of your customers. Magento 2 extensions expand the possibilities. We will update your site when you require it; just add powerful attachments on your web store. With our SEO-friendly environment, our website layout based on Magento 2 increases your website standard, letting you entice more customers and increase your website's conversion rate.

Magento 2 Optimization Services

Codility Solutions offers performance optimization services that enable you to gain the maximum benefit from the online shop and take full advantage of the Magento 2 platform. Codility Solutions is a well-known and reliable business that offers high-end, flexible features on the Magento eCommerce platform. We often acquire reconstruction projects with incomplete websites, poor integration efficiency, front-end development, and custom-built back-ends. We're confident in our services. We conduct a complete site analysis to identify your requirements as part of the recovery procedure. To release an updated version that is in line with the initial specifications, We consider all aspects of your site. According to research, faster websites typically make more money. Optimizing Magento web store's performance is an essential task and is not something to be left out. Your landing page's performance is contingent on the overall experience of users within your store, which in turn influences revenue and traffic. It can affect the results of searches on your site. Optimizing your website to be more efficient is our aim to convince you that using our services is worth the cost.

Magento 2 Support Services

We provide 24 hours a day Magento 2 maintenance as well as support services. Our experienced, qualified, and certified group of programmers is there to assist you with flexible support and maintenance services and up-to-date information on security issues and offering reasonable support plans that meet the clients' needs. Together, we'll find the most operative solution for your specific requirements. Let us know about the particular goals and requirements. Then, join us as your trusted partners and service suppliers in Magento 2 eCommerce development. When you join us, we'll conduct a complete code audit to verify the integrity of your site. The audit will ensure that we're equipped to enhance the security as well as the performance of your site and that all patches have been correct and the Magento core is not compromised. So what are you thinking right now? Save your time, let go of your anxiety and let us handle your project to create a top-quality Magento 2 ecommerce website designed with mobile-friendly features that are fully responsive and a streamlined UI/UX design. Customized templates, compatibility with cross platforms, affordable prices, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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