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Application Development

Application Development

We design and develop interactive applications with unique features and designs to distinguish ourselves from our competition.

App Development Service:

We are the complete-cycle application supplier that will transform your technological innovations. We've done our best to keep our standing as a trusted partner and provide competitive services in creating, developing, and implementing business applications for various types of applications, frameworks, and technology systems. We combine innovative minds with a thorough knowledge of multiple technologies in the hope of offering solutions to complex business-related problems across a wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, engineering, finance and travel, telecommunications, retail and entertainment, hospitality, etc.

Website Application Development

We believe in creating dynamic web applications to create dynamic digital environments that exceed customers' expectations. We work with a full-stack Web app development firm offering easy and impressive solutions using the latest technology. Tell us about your specifications and requirements related to your website application, and we'll develop it. The website we're creating for you will be a masterpiece for your particular niche. Let us make your website according to the timeframe and budget of the following web app development project. Codility Solutions has experts in developing and creating innovative web-based solutions that produce powerful results for your company. Our web interfaces are highly-performance fully-featured, and modern in their design to provide exceptional user-friendly, secure, interactive, and interactive solutions that will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Mobile Application Development Services

We employ customer-focused methods and methods to create mobile applications with the latest technology for system integration and intelligent function. We are a leader providing feature-rich, high-performance mobile apps that are customized for our customers. We are experts in designing customized mobile applications covering many different areas, from healthcare to retail industries. We create quick and user-friendly mobile apps, and we'll create the perfect product to meet both the market and technological requirements of our clients to stand out from the crowd. Are you looking for a proactive team that develops an entirely custom strategy for mobile applications? Then let's discuss how to increase the full potential of your brand's engagement. We provide mobile development in Cordova, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native for iOS, Android, and cross-platform/hybrid mobile application development. Our market analysts help you pinpoint the channels you wish to target and then choose the right platform for implementation.

Cloud Application Development

It is possible to automatize your cloud-based application requirements with affordable and stable cloud-based application development with modern solutions. When it comes to creating cloud-based applications, Codility Solutions can do many things and have several production tools. We're here to serve the enterprise and offer a range of services, like storage, computation, and networking, through administration tools like SQL and the absence of SQL databases and Artificial Intelligence, ML, Big Data, and Internet-of-things. We can help you design the cloud application to meet the customer's requirements—assessment of the viability of the project's estimated costs and duration. We create a framework and hosting option to facilitate the seamless operation and growth of software in line with the progress of your business. We offer custom cloud-based CRM systems for salesforce integration and hub spot services. We offer custom integration for a wide range of cloud - and non-cloud-based SaaS and ERP system software. We work with the most prominent and most reliable cloud vendors in the market. We can transfer their existing applications into Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure or develop entirely new applications. We provide flexible and adaptable Cloud applications that allow companies and producers to reap the full benefits from cloud-based resources (AI VR, IoT data science, IoT, and more ). We ensure the highest utilization of cloud resources and efficiency, with 15 years of experience in IT and cloud-based experts who are on board. Codility Solutions will develop cloud applications with a fully automated framework built on cloud applications that can be scalable, flexible, and secure—integrating the software with third-party frameworks. Manage and support new market demands regularly.

Desktop Application Development

The company was founded as a software development company more than 15 years ago. Codility Solutions currently continues the practice of developing desktop software and promoting the expertise of web-based and application development. We offer cross-platform web application development tools to build and maintain desktop applications that incorporate the latest features with any level of degree.

Software for an office

  • Technology for interpretation and visualization of data.
  • Software for diagram.
  • File Manager.
  • Tools for Push notification.
  • Download Admin.
  • Backup of Software.
  • Tools to avoid data loss.
  • Tools for Password Management.
  • Time-tracking of users.

Industrial-specific applications

  • Computer accounting and billing.
  • Technology for Product Management.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Software (PLM)
  • The technology of the CAD (engineering, architectural, etc.)
  • Software Control and Data Accusation (SCADA)

Software Multimedia

  • Software for image, video, and audio editing.
  • Media Player.
  • Video editing software.

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