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Monthly Based
Pricing Model

Cost-Effective Model:

Pricing your services according to the importance of your job will align our priorities with those of our customers. Because of the shared cost and benefit, the two parties benefit from the final results.

Expert Team Development:

With Codility Solutions, you just have to employ a group of developers with relevant expertise in technology for the cost of a monthly flat fee. Utilizing three or four developers who each are focused on particular areas of development of the project.

Agile Conferences:

Daily or weekly scrums make sure that same page is in place for all members of the team.

Visibility Continuous :

Tasks are managed regularly and updated. The code is kept within an online database that can be used and monitored by the user.

Let's Speak:

Tasks are periodically managed and updated and the code is stored in an online repository to be accessed and monitored by you.

  • Manage your project however you want.
  • Qualified resources at your service.
  • Nearly 24/7 communication channel.
  • Monitor the project in real time.

Choose your Technology Stack:

Sliders of technology will be displayed on site.

  • Quality assurance and security scans.
  • Development of customized solutions and meeting designed standards.
  • Quick, reliable, and qualified resources at your service.
  • Bug fixing and omitting minor programming language errors.
  • Select the best qualified team.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Real-time response.
  • Maximizes your ROI.

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