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Codility solutions create extremely user-friendly, flexible UI with the help of ReactJS. ReactJS is only concerned with providing information to the DOM and thus enabling React applications generally require the use of additional libraries to declare the board and controlling. It has a wide range of possibilities in the design and development of applications. It can serve as a foundation for developing single-page programs and can adapt to various broad implementations.


AngularJS is an open-source front-end system for web applications primarily managed by Google based on JavaScript. It's a front-end development framework used to address a significant portion of the issues encountered when developing single-page apps. AngularJS lets you broaden the HTML language for your application.


We utilize this adaptable, flexible, and efficient framework to create user interfaces for JAVA Script. We used Vue to run complex Single-Page Applications by combining them with cutting-edge tools and libraries. To create a unique workflow, each feature is able to be altered in accordance with the needs of the specific project.


We use this flexible, adaptive and performant framework in developing user interfaces in JAVA Script. We utilized Vue for running sophisticated Single-Page Applications by combining it with modern tooling and supporting libraries. For unique development of workflow every feature can be modified as per the need of the project.



Since NodeJS makes use of the JavaScript Environment for back-end development, open-source, cross-platform which executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. It is possible to reuse the code by both the customer and provider sides. We utilize NodeJS for creating rapid and flexible web-based applications.

Ruby on Rails

RoR (Ruby on Rails) is used to create websites, databases, and applications and pages. This programming language is utilized in the framework Rails. It encourages and supports the use of standards for network communication for data transmissions like JSON or XML and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for user interfaces. It's less time-consuming since we don't need to write each code separately in the creation of web-based applications.


PHP is a programming language that allows server scripting. It's a versatile platform to render web pages that are interactive and dynamic. It offers databases, information as well as monitoring sessions, and even the creation of complete e-commerce websites are managed. We employ this technology on the server-side, which is integrated into HTML. PHP is a widely used stable, open and reliable release.


Laravel is a web-based application development platform featuring a stunning, beautiful design and PHP framework. By making it easier to perform the common tasks in most web-based projects like authentication and filtering, sessions, and caching Laravel aids in taking the burden of development. This makes sure that the Laravel platform is utilized for web development from the backend. Model view controller (MVC) architecture is built into this top-rated platform.


Python is a scripting language that is applied in Codility Solutions for general purposes. Python is extremely helpful in the integration of Machine Learning algorithms to be in a position to integrate together with C and C++-tools, such as PyTorch or Codelite are widely used here. We employ the Python Flask Framework to develop web-based applications because it is created to make the process of getting started simple and quick, while also having the capability to scale up to large-scale applications.

Mobile Application


Flutter is an open-source Google-created UI software development toolkit for creating beautiful natively compiled smartphone, desktop, and web applications using a single codebase. It can be used to develop applications from one codebase that is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the internet.

React Native

React Native is a mobile application platform created by Facebook, Inc. that is an open-source platform. It's used to develop Linux, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Mobile, Windows and UWP apps by inducing users to use React as well as the native platform capabilities.



Shopify is a site for commerce that allows anyone to establish their own online business and to sell merchandise. We create websites using the Shopify Ecommerce Platform solutions for our clients to sell their products via the online store. This technology is extremely in demand

Magento 2

Magento 2 is one of the most efficient and fastest platforms in the world. It is also one of the top e-commerce platforms. Codility Solutions uses this framework because it is more efficient, SEO-friendly, and much more user-friendly than Magento 1. It makes use of a variety of cache files in order to improve the speed of slow-running operations. it improves the site's general speed and is compatible with the most recent PHP. It handles more orders and loads pages faster than Magento 1.


WooCommerce is a free Open Source software. We have chosen WooCommerce because It's an open-source framework where you get customizable costs. You can have more control over how much you spend on and when, as opposed to other eCommerce platforms. It's much more adaptable than the other options and permits making adjustments to meet every business need.


WordPress is a CMS system that is an open-source and free database written in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Its features include the structure of a plugin and the template system, referred to by the name of Themes for WordPress. WordPress.com allows you to build a website that is tailored to your specific requirements. More than 75 million sites use it. Codility Solutions use WordPress to create a portfolio website, company site, online store, installing, and deploying, maintaining, and updating is safe. A flexible and speedy, scale-able interface is supported by hundreds of plugins and models, which reduces the cost of development and time to implement. And whatever else you could think of. Thanks to integrated optimisation and responsive, mobile-friendly themes, there's no limit on the people you can reach through your brand new website.

Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subdivision company of Amazon that offers cloud hosting on-demand and APIs for individuals as well as enterprises and government agencies. offers resources to enable you to create sophisticated solutions that have improved performance, scalability, and reliability, regardless of whether you're seeking processing capacity or content distribution, database storage, and other services. We use an extremely popular cloud service provider, AWS. With the ability to handle and automate a variety of repetitive tasks, we employ it to host web-based applications along with web interfaces. The tools we have extensive knowledge of include AWS ECS/EC2/EC2 EKS, RDS / Aurora and DynamoDB, S3, SNS and SQS and many additional.



MongoDB is a storage application that is document-oriented and is multi-platform. It is classified as a NoSQL Database application. MongoDB utilizes optional schemas to store JSON-like records. MongoDB is created as a server-side application and is licensed with the Server-Side Public Licence from MongoDB Inc. If you are looking for transactional stores in which efficiency is a problem, MongoDB is fantastic. It's also ideal because the data structure will change over time as you update your data in real-time by using its schema-less operation.


It's a completely free and open-source relational database management system known as PostgreSQL that is focused on extensibility and SQL compliance. PostgreSQL is utilized as the primary data store and data warehouse. For a range of internet, mobile and geospatial applications. PostgreSQL is an incredibly popular open-source object-relational database framework that extends and uses its language SQL with various features that securely can store and expand the most complicated programming.


MySQL makes use of Structured Query Language (SQL) as a free source Relational Database Management Framework (RDBMS). SQL is by far the most broadly used database language to create, view, and manipulate data. It is most well-known for its rapid production with proven durability, flexibility, and ease of use.

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