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Support and Maintenance

Maintenance and Support

Codility Solutions provides free support for up to three months. Additional support options are offered at a set monthly price based on duration and content. Distributor Managers from our team will communicate with you about a range of possibilities. Once the product is launched on the market, maintenance will be done to the client base that is already in place. The launch of your product isn't the final stage. However, it's the beginning of a lengthy maintenance and upgrading cycle. After the customized applications are developed and released, our skilled software developers provide assistance for our software to keep in touch with you to ensure the running of your custom software is maintained. Businesses often require IT support services to ensure the processes are running smoothly and without any issues. Custom software, such as mobile web, cloud, or mobile applications, will require additional maintenance and support after being developed and sold. Some situations bring the users to a repair or help page for applications. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of your application development. Our team of developers is available to help with the entire process, from installation to configuration, custom creation, and all types of Applications.

  • Incorporate feedback received from the clients
  • Improve accessibility, user-friendliness, features, and overall value of your product
  • Develop and add new features so that you can lead the competition and set the requirements for success.
  • In order to meet customer demands and industry challenges, you need to implement changes to the app, such as introducing additional functions or upgrades.
  • Your platform needs technological modifications and changes so that it can continue to execute the assigned functions.
  • To eliminate any hazards and hazards in the management of software, your software needs preventive maintenance.
  • Every project requires a continuous need for assistance and skilled repair services.
  • Our audit ensures that we are equipped to improve the safety and performance of your store, that all patches are correctly applied and that the Magento or Shopify core has not been hacked.
  • Any issues have occurred during your web application development and need to be resolved as soon as possible. It would help if you fixed the bug and set up an application.
  • We will integrate the framework with other applications or resources, but you will need to perform successful testing services.
  • Your application needs to upgrade or include more consultancy services?

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