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Support and Maintenance

Codility Solutions provides free support for two to three months. Additional service options are now available on a monthly set price depending on time and content. Our Distribution Managers will be in touch with you on a number of choices. After the product is released in the market, its maintenance is done for the existing client’s base. The launch of your software product isn’t the end, it’s a beginning of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle.

When the customised applications have been developed and launched, the team of our professionally experienced software developers are providing support services for our software products to constantly stays connected with you to ensure that the smooth running of customized software.

Companies often need IT to support facilities to ensure that their processes run effectively and without complications. Any custom software, like mobile, web, or cloud applications, needs additional servicing and service after it has been designed and sold. There are circumstances that typically take users to a repair and help page for apps.

We provide cost-effective services for all the requirements of your software development. Our development team is always in service to assist you throughout the complete process from configuration to installation, customized creation, and all kinds of Applications.