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Hourly Based
Pricing Model

Skilled Programmers for your project:

For codility discipline, documentation and communication is the key.You canavail our services on hour based pricing as well because we are quite efficient in keeping track of our data. We accurately track the time and expenses, and consistently check in with your client. When you hire our committed resource services, you select for a business model that doesn’t contain any smalldifficultiesofeveryday operational and organizationalactivities at work.

Professional Outsourcing Solutions:

Want to outsource your difficult development tasks? We are here as your outsourcing partner so that you can enjoy focusing on bigger things. With Codility Solution’s dedicated resource solutions, you can hire our developers by the hourly rates of specific employees whose rates differ based on seniority level and talent, you can take advantage of all the following withoutworrying about the services listed below:

Choose your Technology Stack:

Sliders of technology will be displayed on site.