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Project Based
Pricing Model

Efficient and Reliable Solutions:

The intelligible specifications allow you to get exactly what you need, and the deadlines you set in advance, ensure that the project is delivered on time. The diversity that Codility Solutions makes us proud of is not only about our services, but also our service plans.

Core Focus of Business:

The project-based pricing model, is one such service plan that helps our clients make better deals negotiated for a particular project before starting. It is important to keep in mind that in order for a project-based model to work for the benefit of your organization, you must have very specific details about the nature of the task that Codility Solutions has to do. In addition, the clear timeframe within which this task must be completed confirms the clarity of the project that helps the better negotiation of a lump sum payment.

Reduce time duration & increase efficiency:

Professionally trained to work at a high profitability, our solutions allow you to boost the development of your product and make it reach faster and easier to the marketplace. We decide about the development process as per time and cost estimation generated on the basis of a project. We decide and fix the specifications including budget and date of delivery. The project roadmap is usually established at this level, and it contains set deadlines andmilestones that work as a payment schedule.

Ideal Software Development Team:

Keep your ventures up-to-date with our best technical and managerial talent and mutual participation. We care about our clients and we offered several option to select as per their convenience, so they can determine what suits their needs before hiring our services under any service plan. Once the transaction is finished, our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and does not compromise the quality of the final product at the time of publication.

Choose your Technology Stack:

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