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CRM Software Development Services​

Providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions for maintaining customer relations to improve company performance.

CRM Software development services in USA:

We are the leading CRM software development company including apps that help to develop close links to existing and prospective clients, logging interactions, managing customer information, storing leads, and raise sales based on consumer data from multiple contact platforms such as mobile phones, emails, blogs, and social media, etc. Codility Solutions is the premium quality system solutions provider for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application around the world. CRM automation systems are used to compile, monitor, and interpret information on all customer experiences through different networks to provide customized customer experience and enhance client relationships with consumers in marketing, distribution, and customer support.

Custom CRM software development Solutions:

We are providing custom CRM solutions and customized services that enhance CRM automation and accessibility. Our customer services team will manage your customer relationship and customer engagement with our efficiently digitized CRM technology includes customizable dashboards for subscription management, Sales tracking, loyalty schemes, promotions management, etc. Codility Solutions will not necessarily do as they are asked to do but will offer their own suggestions and insights on what is best for your business expansion. We keep a track record in our contact management system for providing tailored-CRM services.

Custom CRM development modules such as performance analysis, reliability, customized KPI monitoring, and development are created by our CRM software developers. We provide integrated logging management processes for real-time data supervision and generate leads that help companies handle lead opportunities and potential customers. Our efficient CRM concentrates on the retention of consumers and is very essential in improving revenues. Below are some essential features of CRM:

Business analysis

It includes discussing business priorities and recommending ways to solve them with CRM features.

Quality assurance

It involves ensuring that CRM application functions as needed, identifying device bugs and inadequacies.


All client information is secured in our effective CRM application, but access is allowed only to the relevant team. It facilitates access control without sacrificing confidentiality.

Control of risk and transition

It includes identifying a change plan and measures to safely make adjustments and eliminate unwelcome effects that a change process might require.

Migration of data from existing CRM or spreadsheets

Move your data without data corruption, influence your live business operations into a new CRM solution.

Application Integration

The primary benefit of CRM is that it can integrate with other applications. CRM can be combined with current ERP, too.

Cloud Application:

We can provide customized cloud-based CRM platforms for salesforce and HubSpot integration services. We make customized integration possible for a range of cloud and non-cloud-based SaaS and ERP software systems.

Business Analytics

CRM platform assists with business analytics and makes a customizable detailed report of the whole process and CRM latest trends after analysing every detail thoroughly.

Tools for CRM implementation

Codility Solutions is a producer of the fastest-growing custom CRM solutions. We build CRM business development tools for streamlined accessibility that include custom regulations development, schedule management, work lists, affiliation management, alerts/notifications, and automated process models.

CRM Integration services

We can integrate CRM applications with your Marketing and sales management services, inventory management services, inventory management services, supply chain management services, human resource management services, Accounting & Finance management services, and project management services. We have an expert team of CRM developers for integrating your CRM with business tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, SugarCRM, QuickBooks, SAP and Microsoft dynamics. Codility Solutions is providing you custom API integration services as per your business requirements. We not only work as per your requirements but also provide you consultation services after keenly analysing your project.

CRM Integration with E-commerce

Our expert CRM developers are building your e-commerce effectively. Promoting business to the next stage through CRM integration by streamlined data synchronization such as reducing data complexity, automating data inputs, reducing order delivery time, reviewing inventory and revenue, producing financial results, and more adding to improved project management and increasing customer loyalty.

Magento 2

Magento 2 ecommerce platform gains up-to-date automated sales data, eliminates errors, saves time, and increases user service on the e-commerce website.

Shopify/ Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus integrates with a wide variety of CRM solutions and provides assistance in the automation of your business process by aligning clients and the company’s specifications.

Hire our CRM expert Developers

You can hire our CRM team of developers as they have expertise in understanding the complex methods and techniques for applying and integrating customer engagement, which addresses essential strategic challenges. From Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce CRM and more our CRM product development services will track your sales records and resolve customer care service issues.

Mobile CRM

Codlity solutions will be providing you mobile CRM solutions designed to speed up your decision-making process of customer retention with flexibility and real-time customer information analysis. It further reduces the waiting time with mobile CRM, streamlines practices, sales automation, connects, interacts, and increases responsiveness for your android and IOS mobile apps in customer engagement.

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