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Cloud App Development

Cloud Application Development Company

You can automate your cloud application needs with stable and economical cloud application development services with our modernized solutions.

Cloud Consulting

When it comes to developing cloud applications, Codility Solutions can do a lot, and we have a number of production instruments. We’re here for the enterprise, from standard services such as computation, storage, and networking, to administration services such as SQL and no SQL databases, to Artificial Intelligence, ML, Big Data, and Internet-of-things.

We help you plan a cloud application to fulfill the client’s needs. Evaluation of the sustainability of the project, approximate costs, and time. We construct a suitable structure and hosting options to enable the smooth operation and development of software according to your company’s progress.

CRM/ERP Cloud Application

We can provide customized cloud-based CRM platforms for salesforce and hub spot integration services. We make customized integration possible for a range of cloud and non-cloud-based SaaS and ERP software systems.

DevOps Cloud Service Providers

We collaborate with the largest and most stable cloud vendors in the industry, transferring their current systems to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, or developing brand new applications.

Cloud Design and Development Services

We provide agile and customizable Cloud applications that enable corporations and producer firms to deliver the full value of cloud resources (AI, VR, IoT, data science, and more to guarantee maximum cloud resource usage, with 15years of expertise in IT and expert cloud developers on board. Codility Solutions will develop cloud application software fully automated framework based on cloud applications that is flexible, scalable, and stable. Integrate the application with third party frameworks. Support and manage to address emerging market demand on an ongoing basis.

Front-end Development

We have a talented front-end team of developers working professionally on cloud applications to engage customers. Our experienced front end developers are also involved in the expert community and review the work of the team. We primarily create innovative, people-centred, and focused cloud and mobile apps with front-end systems. Get in contact with us and appreciate our total front-end experience.

Back-end Development

For Cloud and Desktop, we create extensively versatile and effective back-end applications that fulfill the unique needs you have provided. Codility Solutions has a skilled team of developers who maintain the code which links the app to a database and manages the user experiences. We can also use a multi-cloud approach or build a cloud-based framework. Our Backend production team partners with the front end to deliver the final product to our customers.

Designing UI/UX

With our streamlined experience in UI/UX architecture, we create Cloud services with excellent user interfaces. This is the secret to indicate what end users are using or avoiding the app after signing in. If the goal is a new design, it may not be necessary to use more UI/UX tools, but for the final release, and the application output must not be overlooked. Our cloud consultancy will not only have the required design for the resource image processing system but will also support its execution and on-demand continuous maintenance.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our experienced application development team will verify the final product before launch as there is no such product that is produced without any error or bug. Our QA engineers are experienced in reviewing and analysing the device before it is deployed. Only because our client is our priority for us and their time and budget will not be compromised. Establish guidelines for testing and quality controlling on which applications should be moved. Investment and savings analysis across criteria of administration and support. Checked and finalized LaaS PasS, SaaS criteria.

Support and Maintenance

There is also a need to update the features of cloud application development. Our post-delivery assistance is essential for most of our customers. We are happy to welcome you and strive to provide more service to its clients after the launch. We further provide:

Why choose us

Codility Solutions as a cloud application development services providing agency promises to provide you with these services.