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Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Custom software development services that will stand you out. Software development in today’s world brings great joy for its consumers by delivering creative products. However, the pace and innovation of growth remain at the top of the list of priorities. Software development strategy has allowed us to deliver creative, participating products you are looking for, maintaining fast plug-in at the same time.

Hire our full stack software engineers’ team, build software that will work just as you command. Engage us during the whole life cycle or every step of the creation of apps. Boost the company with cutting edge technology for developing software apps, use our software developers’ vast expertise to add value to your business.  From enhancing current systems to creating completely new infrastructure, we are able to help you understand your app needs. Our software development services offer stable, efficient, and flexible solutions that provide a streamlined experience for customers.

Highly customized world-class software development:

We offer state-of-the-art, high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient software design and development services that suit your vision, we provide software development services as per your specific criteria, schedule, and timeline.

We follow the method of planning, creating, implementing, adapting, and updating technological solutions to meet your requirements and assist you to accomplish your goals. Codility Solutions is a well-known custom software development service provider, our strategy demonstrates that the client is the primary priority in the software development lifecycle.

Enterprise System Development

Support your company by offering advanced Corporate Software Applications with exceptional business functionality for the automation and integration to support your business processes. Our primary value is the expertise and experience we have acquired over several years of designing apps. Using our experience and innovative technology we support you with your company enterprise solutions.

Types of enterprise bespoke software development systems:

SAAS application development
ERP application development
CRM application development

Customized Application Development

Codility Solutions providing software development services for web app, desktop app and for mobile app. We deliver cross-platform frameworks, disruptive web apps, client portal, and feature-rich web apps for your business to expand further by using advanced technology. Our software engineers will be leveraging your web application by using intuitive UI/UX design for both front-end and back-end that will function flawlessly on every site and smartphone browser.

Database Development

The database is the collection of all the data from your company, from ordinary to the project-critical. Your data will be safe and your database runs smoothly with Codility Solutions. Our certified team of software engineers specializes in developing and building customized Microsoft SQL Server databases that help you see operating dynamics, increase revenues, and scaling up your business. Going from setting up new information databases to redesigning existing platforms, we can create efficient consumer database software by combining online and off-line, social, desktop, local, and server and make you able to view and process live data via simple user interfaces simultaneously.

Software Consultancy

Our Full stack software developers will determine the issue with design and management and come up with specific software solutions. They will advise on infrastructure and architectural design, as well as include optimization and safety roadmaps, a rough estimate of time and costs. 

Will you have a good idea and need some advice? Or are you embarking on a big software deployment through the company? We have expertise in all situations and almost everything in between. Let us support you with whatever application development you’re facing. Our work with multinational firms and start-ups gives us a wealth of experience as a software development outsourcing firm. 

Our Software Development process

Our team of Software engineers providing IT software development services by delivering agile software development process, we guarantee the delivery of supremely functional, competitive, and state-of-the-art technological applications designed to improve our clients’ businesses and maximize their ROI. We put an effort into getting to know your needs and building a strategy to help you deploy and for this purpose below is our bespoke software development process. 

1. Initiating and Planning Analysis

Top to bottom project requirement examination, proposing the best Infrastructure solutions and the guide for the whole software development process as per the requirements mentioned by the clients.

2. UX/UI Design

Our Software engineers skilfully design User Experience because we believe that it’s the major part of our customer-centric approach in software development. Transforming the product details into a plan, designing mock-ups, and creating prototypes.

3. Software Development

Providing both front-end and back-end customized app development services, creating the programming code on the recently picked language.

4. Testing

Running QA testing on each development phase, fixing bugs, omitting errors & defects, fixing, and retesting throughout the testing phase of development.

5. Deployment

Once approval has been completed, we will deploy the project. Deploy modified versions as per fixes. The actual product is released.

6. Support

After releasing the software, we are 24/7 available for providing real-time support and adaptive maintenance. We will take care of the security and reliability of the project.

Why Choose Us

Codility Solutions as a Software development services providing agency promises to provide you with these services with expertise.