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Application Development

Application Development

We develop progressively interactive applications with exceptional features and design to stand out among our competitors.

Application Development Services:

We are the full-cycle application provider for transforming your technology innovation. We have been doing our level best to maintain our reputation as a trusted partner and to offer market competitive services for the design, development, and execution of business software for different uses, frameworks, and system technologies.

We merge creative minds with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of technologies with the goal of delivering solutions to challenging enterprise-level problems in a wide range of industries, including engineering, healthcare, finance, retail, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, entertainment, etc.

Website Application Development

We believe in designing dynamic web apps to create ever-changing digital environments that reach over and above the expectations of our clients.

We are a full-stack web app development company providing simple and spectacular solutions by using advanced technology. Let us know about your requirements and specifications related to your web app, and we’ll make it happen. The website we are building for you will surely be such a masterpiece right for your niche. Hire us to build your website under your schedule and budget for your further web app development project.

Codility Solutions has experts in the creation and development of dynamic website solutions that deliver impactful results for your enterprise. Our online interfaces are high-performance, fully-featured, and digitally revolutionary for delivering extraordinary user-friendly, interactive, and secured solutions to make you stand out in the market.

Mobile Application Development Services

We follow customer-oriented methods and techniques to build mobile apps that have high-tech system integration essential for intelligent functionality.

We are a leading company in providing high-performance, feature-packed customized mobile applications for our clients. We have expertise in designing customized mobile apps, covering a wide variety of domains from retail to healthcare industries in creating user-friendly and fast mobile applications, we will build the best product to fulfil both the technological and market needs of our customers to stand out in the crowd. If you want a proactive team that creates a fully customized strategy in the creation of mobile apps? then let’s Talk to empower the full value of your company’s brand engagement.

We provide mobile development in Cordova, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native for iOS, Android, and cross-platform/hybrid mobile application development. Our market analysts enable you to identify which channels you want to target and select an appropriate implementation platform.

Cloud Application Development

You can automate your cloud application needs with stable and economical cloud application development services with our modernized solutions.

When it comes to developing cloud applications, Codility Solutions can do a lot, and we have a number of production instruments. We’re here for the enterprise, from standard services such as computation, storage, and networking, to administration services such as SQL and no SQL databases, to Artificial Intelligence, ML, Big Data, and Internet-of-things.

We help you plan a cloud application to fulfil the client’s needs. Evaluation of the sustainability of the project, approximate costs, and time. We construct a suitable structure and hosting options to enable the smooth operation and development of software according to your company’s progress.

We can provide customized cloud-based CRM platforms for salesforce and hub spot integration services. We make customized integration possible for a range of cloud and non-cloud-based SaaS and ERP software systems. We collaborate with the largest and most stable cloud vendors in the industry, transferring their current systems to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, or developing brand new applications.

We provide agile and customizable Cloud applications that enable corporations and producer firms to deliver the full value of cloud resources (AI, VR, IoT, data science, and more to guarantee maximum cloud resource usage, with 15years of expertise in IT and expert cloud developers on board. Codility Solutions will develop cloud application software fully automated framework based on cloud applications that is flexible, scalable, and stable. Integrate the application with third party frameworks. Support and manage to address emerging market demand on an ongoing basis.


Desktop Application Development

We started as a pure Software development company over 15 years ago, Codility Solutions currently continues the practice of desktop software development while promoting expertise in online and application development. We deliver cross-platform web app development solutions to build and update desktop applications with new features of any complexity.

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