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Web App Development

Web Application Development Company

We believe in designing dynamic web apps to create ever-changing digital environments that reach over and above the expectations of our clients.

Website Application Development

We are a full-stack web app development company providing simple and spectacular solutions by using advanced technology. Let us know about your requirements and specifications related to your web app, and we’ll make it happen. The website we are building for you will surely be such a masterpiece right for your niche. Hire us to build your website under your schedule and budget for your further web app development project.

Codility Solutions has experts in the creation and development of dynamic website solutions that deliver impactful results for your enterprise. Our online interfaces are high-performance, fully-featured, and digitally revolutionary for delivering extraordinary user-friendly, interactive, and secured solutions to make you stand out in the market.

Website Design and Development Services

Our main focus to work closely with our clients at the company level is to build excellent high-performance, productive consumer websites based on exclusive, technical web development. We have everything you need for your project. We have the resources and expertise to make sure that your project is accomplished as per the expectations.

Codility Solutions team of professional full-stack developers comprises skilled UX programmers, software engineers with a broad knowledge of the latest technologies. We use technologies for frontend web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) including their framework Bootstrap, ReactJs, Angular, VueJSTypeScript, and for backend development (PHP, RubyonRails, Python, NodeJS) and their frameworks including Laravel, Flask, Django, Express. Js.

Responsive Web app development

All of the online apps we’re developing are responsive. This ensures that they look amazing and fully responsive and functional on every device including a laptop, tablet, or mobile. We have web templates that are completely responsive and user-friendly. We achieve this by adjusting menus, buttons, and other graphics to accommodate the interface depending on the current image size of the screen, to ensure that the user will have the best experience on a highly responsive website at the best price on any size of the device they use.

Web Portal Development

We are a reputable web development company offering a secure web portal that is a private web forum from which you can provide your clients with information and support. You might be aware of it as an extranet, where data is privately exchanged with named third partners, or as an intranet, where data is shared with employees within the organization. Our Customer web portals are easy but safe to use. Our web portals allow you to communicate and connect with and exchange information such as database files, schedules, and documentation with your explicit or implicit customers. You may also use a portal to allow private documents such as receipts and many more to be accessed, downloaded, and posted by your clients.

Our browser-based web portals will operate on every device, from PC to Mac, and also provide features that allow you to:

E commerce web application development

We are among the leading eCommerce web development companies. We develop websites for eCommerce that sell your products and services. We will create your online store and provide opportunities for various online payment integration, logistics processing tools, and CMS for tracking the transactions, introducing new goods, and more besides providing e-commerce growth services. We are experts in creating websites and assisting you to grow your business to provide customers exceptional e-shopping experience for your revenue generation. We promote the incorporation of payment gateways and CMS to track your transactions.

PWA (Progressive web apps)

For Optimizing smartphone existence with zero expense of developing native applications, Our PWA is constructed and improved by modern APIs to provide improved capabilities, and reliability to improve responsiveness and provides user-friendly web applications. Progressive web apps offer new opportunities to provide your users with web experience. It enables you to set up anything on any device with a single codebase, using modern Web design elements to improve functionality and configuration with integrated backend systems.

Content Management Development (CMS) based services

Do you want to develop a website that is more flexible, versatile, and more reactive? We use different content management systems keeping your preferences in a detailed outline, ranging from customized CMS, WordPress development services, and limited insights development services, to produce engaging content that targets your potential customers. When designing your web, we give you various choices to make it more responsive and outstanding. This covers WordPress, Shopify, Magento2, etc. For clients who like more flexibility and more efficient results from CMS software, it focused on a database that allows it the predominant option to develop and maintain a website with a high content response.

Web application design and development process

We design and develop web applications from basic prototyping to the high-performance backend. We offer expert web development services with a diverse range of technology.

Designing UI/UX

We build web applications with exceptional user interfaces with our standardized expertise in UI/UX design of front-end development. This is the secret to showing whether end-users use the app or miss it directly after login. If the target is a prototype, it may not be so essential to use additional UI/UX tools but it is necessary for the final launch and cannot be overlooked for application performance.

Front-end Development

We have a professional team of front-end developers who are actively working on engaging the customers with web apps. Our experienced front end developers are also interested in the community of experts and study the team’s work. We mostly work with front-end systems to design creative, human-centered and targeted web & mobile applications. Reach us and take advantage of our full-stack front-end experience.

Back-end Development

We develop extensively flexible and efficient on-site and back-end solutions for Mobile, web, cloud, and desktop-based on the specific requirements you provided. Codility Solutions have a professionally skilled team of developers who uphold the code that links the site to a database, handles user interactions, and operates the web application on its own. Our Backend development team is working in collaboration with the front end to bring the finished product to the clients.

Quality Assurance and testing

Our expert team of developers will test the final product before launch as there is no such product that is developed without any error or bug. Our QA engineers are specialized in checking and testing the software before it is deployed. Because for us, our client is our priority and we don’t compromise on their time and budget.

Support and Maintenance

In web app development, there is still a need to modify functionality. Most of our clients need our services for post-delivery assistance. We are delighted with them and work on providing better-quality assistance after launch to sustain customer relationships.

Why choose us ?

Want advanced web application development software, using modern parameters? Here are the reasons to start a conversation with us.