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DevOps Services

DevOps Service Providing Company

In this era of technological advancements, let us plan and develop flexible, agile, and reliable structures to keep your company competitive in the global market.

DevOps Consulting Services

We are a DevOps consulting company in the USA, we put together our production and operations teams to facilitate you in your project development by applying our SDLC agile framework. Codility Solutions is enabling you to build customized software systems and frameworks that are easily published and managed by our AWS certified DevOps engineers updating your project using the DevOps model.

The technological world is continuously transforming, and to stay ahead of the emerging world of technology, it has been absolutely essential to continue to build enhanced software systems. Companies should keep providing up-to-date tech solutions to stay in the race. 

DevOps as a Service

DevOps is a blend of software development with performing technological operations, the goal is to compress the life cycle of software development and ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality software. We are building strategies and enabling resources that improve the agency’s ability to produce technological solutions at a great speed. We are developing and enhancing solutions at a faster speed than standard software development. This software advancement allows companies to better represent their clients and perform more efficiently in the marketplace.

DevOps Features

We are bringing efficiency to the IT practices with our cutting-edge DevOps features to accomplish targeted operating speed, customer input, and customer satisfaction.

What We Provide

Assessment in DevOps

Our DevOps engineer identifies key factors, draws up a path map and proposes tools and procedures for automating the implementation period through the distribution networks for continuous delivery.

Automation in DevOps

We simplify the end of the distribution period and ensure that your implementations and rollbacks are handled out in a click that reduces risks and improves efficiency.

DevOps Management

We facilitate the company in maintaining the complete synchronized functioning of the distribution system automation system and in transitioning the automated deployment cycle to improvements.

Auditing and Testing

We will audit and review existing facilities, identifying architecture and design priorities and specifications, advising on existing systems planning and development zones. DevOps test automation providing and configuring the testing infrastructure; performing experiments and advising on system development areas.

DevOps Cloud Migration

Collecting specifications and developing cloud solutions for on-site systems, identifying migration plans and prices, introducing migration from on-site to cloud, developing hybrid cloud services and multi-cloud applications for public and private cloud management.

Our DevOps Practices

DevOps practice represents the concept of improving quality and automation. Many activities rely on one or more stages of the production cycle. The best practices of DevOps include:

Continuous advancements

This approach encompasses the preparation and coding stages of the lifecycle of DevOps.

Continuous testing

This practice involves automatic, pre-scheduled, continuous code checking as the program code is written or modified. Such tests can speed up the delivery of the code to production.

Continuous integration

This approach brings configuration management (CM) software along with other testing and designing tools to monitor whether the code is ready for release. This requires fast communication between testing and production to rapidly detect and address code problems.

Continuous delivery

This practice focuses on automating the distribution where code updates are automatically designed, checked, and ready for release through development. After continuous integration, it extends by deploying all code improvements after the build process to a testing environment. If consistent delivery is correctly applied, our professional developers will still provide a ready-to-install product that has been through a consistent evaluation process.

Continuous deployment

 Similar to continuous distribution, this practice automates the release of new or updated code into output. In continuous deployment, the use of container technology, such as Docker and Kubernetes, will allow continuous deployment by helping to ensure code compatibility across various deployment platforms and environments.

Continuous Monitoring

This activity includes continuous oversight both of the code in development and of the operating system that maintains it. A feedback mechanism reporting bugs or problems held during development.

Importance of DevOps

Codility Solutions use AWS and Dockers platform for Application Development, we use Azure DevOps tooling to develop and deploy software.

Facing the challenges of legacy systems? Consult our certified DevOps Experts to overcome the challenges of today’s business. Organizations have to leverage these concepts to eliminate long app development cycles and legacy processes in order to gain a competitive edge.

Why Choose Us

Codility Solutions as a DevOps services providing agency promises to provide you with these services.