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With more than four decades of experience in the field of finance and leasing, CODILITY provides value to its clients to help them evolve and transform their businesses effectively. It focuses mainly on issues related to growth, cost reduction, regulations, risk management and general rationalization of business processes. Innovation and synergy are the cornerstones of any commercial transformation aimed at sustained growth. This is where CODILITY stands out by strategically aligning the commercial interests of its clients, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to help them reach their full potential.


Independent System Review

Codility is the industry leader in customer focus, placing its customers first and foremost. Therefore, in a world in which companies do not succeed unless their products operate on the ground, a review of an independent CODILITY system ensures that the software application is widely tested before publication. This keen attention to detail has been enhanced through CODILITY through its 12 years of industry-standard experience.

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