Custom Management of Content and Application Development

Content Management System (CMS)

Services for Content Management

Content-Management (CM) is the process of managing content in better viewable format. The digital content can store, add, edit or delete on demand and make it more managable view. Usually these type of content is in text version, images with multiple size to orgnize application or website, audio, video and other multimedia.

Content process management

Content process can be vary accoding to organizational / business need and purposes. And differnt steps can apply may be a customer need some functions to manage their content and other hand some organization required fully functional management syste.

Digital content management Types

  • Management of content at Enterprise Level
    This type of system called ECM (Enterprise content management) which use in enterprise level business they need content management, security, versions history, timely backup. so their content always scure from unknown access and make content streamline.
  • Manage content for Mobile
    This type of management system called MCM (Mobile content management). Main focus of this system file storage and sharing with securely. MCM use on smartphone devices, tablets and some other devices.
  • Content to Manage Websites
    CMS or WCMS to use over the web to manage website's pages. It will help user to write their web content own their own without knowing HTML tags.
    Drupal Joomla Magento Sharepoint and even by making their own custom CMS
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